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A Blaring Wake Up Call

I went out with the rest of my Drama class and the QUB Players last night for drinks at The Parlor- this small pub not far from the main campus. They hold Game of Thrones trivia nights and it's packed with college students out for a good time after the first week of classes, and a set of Drama students looking to impress the QUB players while making fools of themselves with alcohol.

The majority of the night was spent trading quips with others in my class, chatting with the Players, and making faces with Brandon through the window when he would go out for a smoke. I'm not very good around other people- I've got a touch of social anxiety- and I tend to talk myself out of things more than normal, but last night, I forced myself to stay, knowing if I didn't, I'd regret it.

Slowly, over the course of the night, people started to drift away, going to other pubs or heading home. Eventually, one of my coworkers- who had graduated the year before with a degree in Drama, came in to visit with his friends and offered to walk me back to Mount Charles.

And then this morning, I'm jarred out of an alcohol-induced sound sleep by some alarm going off right outside my open window. It took me five minutes of stumbling around to find my glasses, grab my phone and my keys and stagger out of my room on the ground floor as one of my housemates on the third floor comes stumbling down the stairs pulling a shirt on.

We spent at least ten minutes out on the front step, staring across the street to the grassy area, only to find that no one else in the house had gotten up, nor had anyone else in any of the other Mount Charles houses. After five minutes, we went back inside, but the alarm was still blaring. We each knocked on the doors of the others in the house, waking them up in the process. After an hour, we finally decided to call Accommodations-

It took about thirty minutes for the people from Accommodations to finally arrive. Eventually, they were finally able to figure out that the boiler timer had gone out, and that the alarm going off was what woke us up.

How the rest of the house managed to go back to bed, I'll never understand; but then again, I guess it's because the alarm wasn't directly outside their windows, like it is mine.

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