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Breakfast at Benedict's

So my first Sunday shift at Benedict's started at noon GBT. We have the Sunday Carvery, which, from what I can figure, is a brunch. I think. I'm not too entirely sure on that front. But around one or so, a live band set up and started playing; I couldn't figure out the songs they were playing, but it was loud and riotous and fun; even on Sundays, the Irish decide to party.

It got to be chaotic behind the bar, with six different people making drinks, paying for Carvery tickets, stocking... but it was enjoyable. Eventually, the band stopped playing and they switched to the radio. It's one thing to chat with your coworkers while you wait for drinks to take to the floor (I love you all, Dinis) and singing along to the radio with your coworkers while you make cocktails. It's very relaxed despite the chaos, and I wish that my Dini's family could meet my Benedict's family; I think you'd get along wonderfully.

I ended up staying half an hour or so longer than I was supposed to- from noon to six, and I ended up staying until about seven or so. Not unusual for me. This is a chaos I think I can get behind.

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