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Drama 103: Sexual Innuendos & Twisted Minds

So classes started today for me.

My first class is Drama 1003, in the Queen's Film Theatre. It's in this row of houses that sits directly across from the main university building, and I walked passed it twice- thank God I'd left at about 8 or so. And when I finally do find the right door- like Alice in bloody Wonderland- there's this huge open space (because it's a working movie theater also), with this sofa in the corner, with one spot open. So me, being the tiny dancer I am, slide into the available seat, next to this guy that I swear looks like he stepped out of a photoshoot with Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart for an upcoming Hitchcock film- sophisticated black turtleneck, nice jeans, hair slicked back, carries a briefcase and an umbrella.

He's everything I think of when I think of a guy from Britain- dashing, charming, brutally honest and very proper. And he has such a brain, such a wit about him, that I, as the smartass I am, was instantly drawn to him. Every single quip he threw my way, I was able to throw back one just as fast.The added difficulty of understanding him because of his accent made half of our conversations all the more funny. It didn't help that the music the cleaners were playing was filled with nothing but bass.

Class takes place in this good-sized rehearsal room, with a grey marlee floor, brick walls, black curtains, and a multitude of chairs. The first thing you're supposed to do is set your things down and take off your shoes.

Coming from a dancing background, I"m used to slipping out of your street shoes and putting on a new pair- tap shoes, jazz shoes, ballet slippers, Pointe shoes- but going without shoes is just strange. We were told by the professor when she arrived to grab a chair and make a circle.

Professor Aoife McGrath (pronounced similar to Eve, from what I can figure) is this slight woman in probably her late thirties, with short red hair that curls just above her shoulders. Her personality is very outgoing and chatty; she reminds me of a labradoodle- the same spunky, outgoing personality.

Turns out I'm the only American in Drama 1003. The majority of students in this course are Irish or British, which makes me and my accent stand out all the more. It's definitely going to be an interesting year.

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